Lavin Lift Straps : A Better Solution for Lower-Body Patient Care.

Medicare-approved and hospital-tested, Lavin Lift Straps make it possible for one caregiver to do the work of two.

helping a patient

Clean, change or treat patients as often as needed using only ONE person-no more log rolling, turning, or lifting! Provide a safe, secure environment for both patients and staff with Lavin Lift Straps™

Lavin Lift Straps™ enable ONE person to do the patient lifting work of an entire team-safely, easily, and hygienically! If you want to become a premier safe patient handling facility, or if you're taking care of a loved one at home, use Lavin Lift Straps™!

Lavin Lift Straps™ work with all standard T-bar lifters, ceiling or portable. No need to buy new lift equipment! Lavin Lift Straps™ attach securely in seconds and make lifting, cleaning, and changing patients a one-person easy and quick job. Treat your patients right—give them the dignity and comfort they deserve.

With Lavin Lift straps you can:

  • Reduce injuries to patients, staff, and caregivers
  • Decrease repetitive motion injuries to staff
  • Eliminate uncomfortable log rolling, turning, and lifting
  • Improve infection control and hygiene
  • Increase patient satisfaction, comfort, and dignity
  • Increase return on investment from lift equipment purchases
  • Increase staff efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction

What to learn more?

For healthcare institutions

For home caregivers

 The process of holding up a patient's limb for wound care or catheter insertion is now truly a one person procedure. One caregiver using the Lavin Lift Strap will be able to position the limb and perform the procedure without having to do any lifting. This will make caregiver injuries from this procedure virtually non-existant.  

What our customers are saying

"Other units in this complex have come to observe the Lavin Lift Strap process and are now asking for the products on their unit"

Mary Webb, RN, BSN, MA, CIC
San Mateo Medical Center
San Mateo, CA

Are you a Home Caregiver?

What's New?

Lavin Lift Strap would like to thank those who visited us  at the Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Conference at the Renaissance Hotel in Glendale AZ on April 12-14, 2016.

At last years conference, one of the Featured speakers at the conference was Susan Gallagher, PhD, RN. Susan is an expert in safe patient handling, addressing the needs of obese patients and those who care for them. Susan also had a book signing on her publication "A Practical Guide to Bariatric Safe Patient Handling & Mobility". Lavin Lift Strap is one of the safe patient handling companies featured in the book. Susan has taken an interest in our product over the years. Her book is an excellent reference when dealing with obese patients.

Lavin Lift Strap now has an Instructional video for correct sizing of the Lavin Lift Straps at

See all of our videos, for both re-usable straps and Single Patient Use Disposable at

Lavin Lift Strap announces the new Single Limb Suspension Strap, Patent Pending, as part of the "SPUD", (Single Patient Use Disposable) product line.

Designed and packaged in response to institutional evaluation input, each strap is separately packaged and color coded in Small, Medium and Large sizes for single limb suspension requirements, "per patient use". Just what the doctor ordered for wound care, catheter insertion, and other procedures requiring limb suspension.

For information, see your local representative or contact Lavin Lift Strap.

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Stay tuned for new information on how "home caregivers" can obtain Lavin Lift Strap re-usable straps.

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